womens ministry

The  Mothers

The mothers of the church serve as the biblical presence of the Titus 2:3-4 woman. They teach and instruct in support of the Church to help build up every ministry in the church with guidance according to the Word of God, and to be the example by being faithful, devoted and commitment to the prosperity and well being of the Church.


This ministry assists with the ordinances of the church such as Baptism and The Lord's Super. They serve as a supportive ministry to the Pastor and Deacons dedicated to assisting new members with their transition and spiritual development. They assist the Pastor and First Lady in developing the spiritual life of the women and girls of the church for the best possible christian service.

Womens Ministry

Through the Women's ministry, we collectively seek to grow in spirituality, by strengthening our personal relationships with God and one another. As a ministry, our purpose is to allow Jesus Christ to minister through us to all women in fellowship, prayer, and the sharing of God’s Word.